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Back care


According to the Health and Safety Executive, 4.5 million work days are lost each year as a result of back pain. Investing in an ergonomically designed office chair from the Spynamics range for your staff could reduce absence levels and improve productivity.

Spynamics Range

Spynamics stands for spinal dynamics and was designed by leading osteopath Steve Green and a UK seating manufacturer.

The range has expanded from a single chair to comprehensive family of 8 standard chairs to facilitate use by users of all body shapes and requirements.

These chairs promote good seating posture and practice, there by aiding those with back complaints, as well as helping users to avoid potential back problems.

Memory Foam:


Extreme comfort is supplied by the use of memory foam in the seat, back, headrest and arm pads. Body weight is evenly distributed by the foam, which moulds exactly around your shape, assisting with blood flow and reducing pressure points. The foam quickly returns to its normal state when you leave the chair.

All the range has memory foam as standard apart from the SD7 and SD8.

Coccyx Relief:
Immediate comfort is provided by the memory foam seat which incorportates a coccyx cut-out to relieve pressure on the coccyx. The coccyx can take some of the weight of the body when seated and can be very painful if causing problems. The cutout relieves this pressure. Coccyx problems are the cause of 25% of bad backs yet few chairs cater for this.

Pelvic Support
The pelvis is held in the neutral position by the tilt of the chair (the same position you hold naturally when standing). The tilt of the seat is easily adjustable until you adopt your ideal position. Once adopted, the position is held in place by a unique pelvic cushion, which clips to the rear of the chair. The pelvic Cushion is available in 3 sizes: small, medium or large. If required a specific cushion may be prescribed by the Chiro practioner.

Lumbar Support
Lumbar support is provided through the 2-way adjustable Shukra lumbar. This allows you to position the lumbar support in the best place in your lumbar area whilst giving you the flexibility to fine-tune the positioning. Both adjustments are achieved separately via two handles giving you the capability to adjust the chair very specifically to the user's needs.

Seat Slide
To accomodate taller users, the integral seat slide allows the user to move the seat forward up to 80mm and provide greater support to the upper legs and avoid leg discomfort. The seat slide is adjusted via a handle under the seat and may be adjusted to a number of positions according to the leg length of the user.

Independent Seat mechanism
The independent mechanism allows the angle of the seat and back (back rake) to be set independently according to the individual needs of the user.  seat mechanism detailThe back rake may be locked in position or allowed to 'float free' to provide continuous support to the back whatever task the user is engaged in. To help the user to sit in a neutral sitting position the tilt action on the seat is adjustable to facilitate the ideal pelvic position. Users should be encouraged to tolerate as much forward tilt as possible to benefit from this feature.

Back rest height adjustment:
The back rest is height adjustable on an easy lift ratchet to allow you to position the pelvic and lumbar supports in exactly the right place.

The height adjustable headrest on the SD3 model allows the chair to be used by people up to 6'2" in height. It is padded with memory foam to provide comfort and neck support.

5 Way adjustable arms:
Adjustable arms allow the user's upper body to be supported when working and the Spynamic arms provide a high degree of functionality. Adjustable up and down users can ensure their arms are placed at the correct positon to avoid neck strain when using a computer keyboard. In addition the armrests swivel (left to right), allowing the arms to be supported when engaged with other activities and slide forwards and backwards to ensure they can be placed in the correct position in relation to the desk. The upholstered arm pads are pleasing to look at but are also padded with memory foam for comfort.

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